birth story listening session

90-minute virtual session


I'm eager to listen to your unique birth story and guide you to profound insights. Together, we will take a 90-minute journey delving into your birth experience, where you will discover the depths of your inner strength and resilience!


Only $100 for a 90-minutes session! 

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your time

"It was amazing the change in my perception from before the session, to two hours later. I now realize what a birth warrior I truly was and how every decision I made benefitted my son. 

I feel my baby and I have a much stronger bond now and I can enjoy him so much more and on a deeper level. 

Thank you Shelley for helping this mama heal! I highly recommend Shelley and a birth story medicine session to any mommy who is grieving the birth she didn’t get but wanted.”

~ Marisa (and Jaxson)

Your virtual session will gift you with...

A clear plan and strategy for your postpartum care

the ability to delegate tasks to family with CONFIDENCE 

An illuminated vision for how incredible your postpartum can be

An understanding of what your needs will be and how to meet them

the Peace of mind that comes from having a plan in place for your nourishment and care