Postpartum Planning Consultation

75-minute virtual session


Let's work together to create an AMAZING postpartum experience! In our 75-minute postpartum coaching call, we will address all your concerns and provide you with practical steps to create a strategy for a thriving and enjoyable postpartum experience.

Only $100 for 75-minutes! 

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"I work in the health and wellness field, so I attend a lot of workshops, seminars, masterminds, and training events, so I come across a lot of people.

When I met Shelley, I immediately could sense her warm and gentle presence. Postpartum is a very vulnerable time, so what immediately impressed me is how she shows up for postpartum women and their family in such a tender time.

My favorite things about Shelley are her vast knowledge of the postpartum period, nurturing support, and delicious recipes!

If you're considering hiring Shelley, I just know that you won’t regret investing in your time with her! She is AMAZING!"

--Jacquelyn L.


Your virtual session will gift you with...

A clear plan and strategy for your postpartum care

the ability to delegate tasks to family with CONFIDENCE 

An illuminated vision for how incredible your postpartum can be

An understanding of what your needs will be and how to meet them

the Peace of mind that comes from having a plan in place for your nourishment and care